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1 HP Double Piston 3ph Air Compressor

1 Double Piston 3ph Air compressor Manufacturer

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Technical Specifications:

Item SKU Number TSCSS1DPSP70
Quality Maruti Compressor
Model MARUTI – SS1 – 1HP
Motor hp 1 – Three Phase MARUTI MAKE
kw 0.75/50Hz
No of Pistons 2
Piston Displacement 4 cfm
LPM 112
m3/hr 6.79
m3/min 0.11
Pressure 8.5 BAR/121 PSI
Air Tank 70 liter 14″” x 28″” 3.15 mm shall 3.15 mm disk
Standard Accessories Automatic on-off pressure Control Switch, Air Delivery Valve, Pressure gauge, Manual water Tank Drain valve, Belt Guard, Inlet Air Filter & Check Valve in Discharge line, Safety Valve, Fly wheel (Pulley), Motor Slide Rails, V – Belts.
Net Weight Length 40″” Width 32″” Height 20″” In inches and Weight without packing 80KG APPROX
Gross Weight Length 42″” Width 34″” Height 22″” In inches and Weight with packing 100 KG APPROX
Warranty 12 Months Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect
Item Packing Export graded Packing Free

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